Facebook blocked in China? Update: back again/gone again

As of this evening Chinese time, social networking platform Facebook is no longer reachable from China Mainland locations such as Shanghai and Guangzhou. Only via foreign proxy server the site can still be accessed which indicates that the Great Chinese Firewall took its toll already one week after Facebook started offering its services in Chinese. ... and thanks for all the fish. We'll keep you posted.


Update: So far only the users of the ISP China Telecom seem to be affected. The site can still be accessed through China Mobile and other providers.


Update 2: As of 21:45 Facebook.com is working again throughout China, although slower than usually. Most China Telecom users reported that the site had been inaccessible for at least 6 hours today - reasons unknown.


Update 3: July 1st 2008, 4pm Chinese time - Facebook.com not reachable again for China Telecom users. The IP cannot be pinged, however the site can still be connected at Chances are high that Chinese Government is indeed trying to block Facebook through the "Great Chinese Firewall". Details to follow.

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    david scoins (Tuesday, 11 November 2008 22:59)

    Facebook inaccessible in Nanjing thro' China Telecom since 7th Nov.