GoingEast.Asia: Survey on Western interactive media companies expanding to Asia

The Going East Asia expansion survey (http://www.goingeast.asia) is an initiative that aims to delve deeper into the opportunities and challenges Western Internet, online gaming, mobile & eCommerce companies face and anticipate when "going Asian".


It will be kicked-off on October 14th 2008 during the first pan-Asian Internet conference - the Open Web Asia '08 in Seoul/Korea. First key results will be presented on November 12th 2008 during the China 2.0 Blogger Tour in Shanghai featuring Robert Scoble, Shel Israel, Sam Lawrence and many more.


The survey seeks to identify the type of interactive media enterprises that want to expand to East Asia and their motivation and expectations from their engagement. Additional targets are to identify obstacles and challenges that these companies face or expect to face within the East Asian business environment. Finally the survey aims to derive and identify success factors for interactive media companies in East Asia by analyzing the experiences of companies that have already expanded to the region.


We are currently still looking for supporters such as media partners and prize sponsors. If you run a tech blog or offer (digital) products or services for the Asian region and would like to get engaged please drop us a line at info@web2asia.com.

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