China 2.0 Blogger Tour - Guangzhou Day 1

by CNReviews
by CNReviews

After successfully retrieving Shel Israels passport and changing his flight schedule, he, David Feng and Elliott Ng had already flown into Guangzhou last night to meet with Robert Scoble and Rocky Barbanica. The rest of the China 2.0 Blogger Tour followed this morning together with Markus Fuhrmann from Web2Asia to attend the yearly Chinese Blogger Conference. Follow the tweets at #cnbloggercon and see first pictures from Elliott Ngs photo stream here.

by CNReviews
by CNReviews

Among todays presenters was also Lucas Englehardt, CEO & Co-Founder of Web2Asias portfolio company BloggerInsight. CNReviews titled him now famous thanks to media coverage by two A-list Taiwan bloggers @thecarol and @kenworker. See the post at

BloggerInsight conducts online focus groups with expert Chinese bloggers to provide clients the necessary information to make smart decisions. The network of bloggers spans a variety of industries and has been hand picked to represent some of the top, independent thinkers in their respective fields. BloggerInsight gives bloggers a new method for monetizing their knowledge while providing clients a cost effective way to get tailored, independent advice.

For more English language coverage of the Chinese Blogger Conference check Elliott Ng & David Fengs posts from CNReviews who posted more on this day than any other day in CNReviews history.


You can also review videos of all sessions on the Netease event page here: (Chinese only - click the 4 video links, one for each half day) or view the morning and afternoon session embedded below.

Morning Session

Afternoon Session

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