YouTube in China – Connection interrupted (once again)

Since last night YouTube has apparently been blocked (once again) in China. Some internet users from different parts of the country however reported that they have had access to the site temporarily and its not entirely clear if it’s just some technical glitch or if the Great Chinese Firewall indeed is in action again. Youtube had previously been not accessible in China from time to time during the last view years, however since around the time of the Olympics last year had been stable and continuously available.


We'll keep our eyes peeled on this issue, and will update you in case of any occurring changes.

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    All Roads (Thursday, 05 March 2009 15:40)

    this is definately a GFW issue.

    I can access using VPN, but not without.


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    Dan (Thursday, 26 March 2009 18:09)

    Yep, since around march 19th i wasn't able to access youtube.
    First i thought it was firefoxs' problem, but after a few days and several attempts from other browsers later. i figured that the chinese firewall must've blocked it.

    hope they can solve the problem quickly. =]