A day in the life (of Chinese video hoster Youku)

Kaiser Kuo over at Youku Buzz recently shared some interesting stats from an "average day" at Chinese video hoster Youku.


  • On Saturday the 4th of April Youku had 146,803,100 video views which was up by 4.15% from the previous Saturday.
  • Total view time amounted to 1,253,850,000 minutes — no, you’re not reading that wrong, that’s really 1.25 billion minutes. Which is almost 21 million hours, or 870 thousand days, or 2,385 years.
  • Each video view lasted an average of 8.54 minutes, which is down by 2.45% from the same day last week.
  • Average time spent per unique user on site that day was a second or two shy of 50 minutes.
  • This past Saturday Youku had 25,091,500 unique visitors. That means, if you believe that there are about 300 million Internet users in China, that over 8% of all the nation’s Internet users visited Youku that day.
  • Those visitors generated just over 200 million page views, up 4.31% from the week before.
  • Each unique visitor generated about 7.98 page views, and about 5.85 video views.
  • 8,245,800 searches were performed on Youku that day, up about 1.84% week-on-week, generating close to 40 million search result page views: that means that the average searcher flipped through just under five pages of results.
  • Youku users uploaded at total of 60,050 new videos to the site, which is down about 4% and about normal for any given day: Uploads fluctuate considerably from day to day.

Hat tip also to Adam Schokora for pointing out Kaisers post on his excellent blog http://56minus1.com.

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