Daily Digital Pulse Of China: P&G Unilever Suning, Baidu Sina


P&G and Unilever to sell their products on the Suning Egou e-commerce platform

P&G and Unilever, with more than 20 well-known brands, announced that they've settled a deal with Suning Egou. Suning Egou is one of the top 5 third party selling platforms, and is a surprising move since most companies choose to set up shop on Taobao (Tmall), 360 buy and Pai Pai.



Source: Ebrun


Baidu partners with Sina for Mobile

Baidu is the leading search engine in China, but trails in the mobile search sector. To increase their market share in the mobile field, they've teamed up with Sina.



Source: Tech in Asia


Mobile finally beats Desktop

The latest study from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology reveals that the Chinese web is now accessed more by mobile phones than desktop computers. At the end of June, China had 388 million mobile internet users, while the total number of internet users is about 538 million.



Source: Tech in Asia


CuriousCatch is trying an innovative approach for e-commerce

Building on the idea that an e-commerce store should be more engaging, CuriousCatch is now looking to employ videos on their site. Daylon Soh, the founder of CuriousCatch, got his inspiration from Zappos, which increased sales by up to 30 percent by adding videos of the products and how it they are used/worn.


为了让电子商务的网店更具有吸引力,CuriousCatch现正在为他们的网站积极筹备准备上线的视频。Daylon Soh,CuriousCatch的创始人,从Zappos的案例中得到了启发。Zappos通过在网站上增加了如何使用商品的视频,销售额带来了30%的增长。

Source: Tech in Asia