„China is a very different market. It's large and growing, meaning the market conditions change every day, and you have to be close to it.“

Robin Li, CEO of Baidu

China Online Performance Marketing: SEM, SEO, banner display planning & buying, affiliate marketing, email eDM, SMS

ROI, COS, CPS, CPL - These letters mean anything to you? For most our China brand & e-commerce customers, they mean the bottom line. Measurable results with strongest revenue or KPI value achievable: We accept the challenge and strive to master China Online Performance Marketing across SEM PPC, SEO, Display Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, UI/UX Localization & Optimization. Alibaba Express Train keyword bidding and Alimama Diamond Booth banner media.

China Search Engine Marketing (SEM/PPC)

China Paid Search Engine Marketing (SEM PPC) Services for Baidu & others

We have extensive experience in cost-per-click (CPC) paid search engine marketing in China on Tmall and Taobao Express Train, Baidu, Google China, Sogou, Soso, eTao and Qihoo 360. Our integrated SEM services range across all stages of the Chinese consumer decision journey, from branding through the search engines content networks & mobile marketing to e-commerce sales and customer loyalty via search & retargeting. 

China Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

China Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Reputation Management

Web2Asia is one of the leading China search engine marketing (SEO) providers for Tmall and Taobao search, Baidu, Google China, Sogou, Soso, eTao and Qihoo 360, having worked with a wide range of brand advertisers and e-commerce retailers to maximise their China organic search traffic.

China Banner Display Media Buying & Planning

China Banner Display Advertisement & Retargeting/Remarketing

Our China digital media buying & planning team is highly experienced with developing and executing online advertisement campaigns for awareness, reach and online sales campaigns. We use our own DSP and ROI-based optimization technology for Alimama Diamond Booth CPM banner advertisting with hundreds or millions of USD of media budgets under management.

China Affiliate Marketing

China Affiliate Marketing - Setup, Management & ROI Optimization

Affiliate marketing is the perfect performance-based channel for customer acquisition and sales to complement your other China online marketing campaigns. No matter if your goal is to achieve cost-per-action (CPA) goals like newsletter subscriptions or Chinese social media followers, cost-per-lead (CPL) goals or cost-per-sales targets (CPS). We manage the entire process for you from selecting the right Chinese affiliate platforms, creating attractive offers & payouts, providing the right creatives & incentives, selecting & managing the individual affiliates and maximize the overall ROI.

UI / UX Optimization, China Web Analytics & Reporting

China UI Design / UX Localization, Optimization & Web Analytics

No matter if its your China brand page, individual campaign landingpages, a standalone China E-Commerce website or Taobao T-Mall shop - localization to China starts with tailor-made design and functions for Chinese consumers. We are specialized on Chinese website usability testing, website localization & translation and China User Interface (UI) Design and User Experience (UX) optimization. Additionally, we can setup, configure and manage all Web Analytics, tracking & reporting on your China Internet and mobile pages. 

Advanced China Digital Performance Marketing Services 


  • Tmall & Jing Dong JD: Proprietary real-time-bidding (RTB) technology for ROI-based optimization of Alibaba Express Train "zhitongche" (PPC) and Alimama Diamond Booth "zhuanzhan" (CPM) ads.
  • E-Mail & telephone number list rental & brokerage
  • China CRM data analysis, enrichement & cleansing
  • China E-Mail (eDM) & newsletter marketing
  • China SMS & mobile marketing
  • Performance-based China Social Network (SNS) Advertisement (e.g. for building up followers or fans on Sina Weibo, Tencent QQ Weibo, RenRen, Kaixin, etc.)
  • China Key Opinion Leader (KOL) recruitement and Blogger reach out for digital performance campaigns
  • China Internet Word of Mouth (IWOM) campaign seeding & China message board BBS marketing with performance based KPI's

Whether online to online or online to offline and vice-versa, synergy and integration are key. Display performances improve with the support of other channels, such as with paid search, search engine optimization and affiliate marketing. Through the strategic use of multi-channels and budget allocation based on attribution analyses, we make sure you receive the optimal results for your China digital marketing campaigns.

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