China affiliate marketing cpa network platforms

China Affiliate Marketing is the single most powerful online performance marketing tool when managed correctly. Advertisers & E-Commerce merchants only pay for verified sales (CPS), leads (CPL) or other customer-creating actions (CPA) such as newsletter signups. The key lies in placing your offers on the most suitable China Affiliate Platforms, approving only highest performing affiliate partners and constantly monitoring their performance - down to net sales ROI.

China Affiliate Marketing CPA Platforms Network Process

Our China Affiliate Marketing Services

  • China competitor analysis on their advertiser offers and payouts across all major Chinese Afilliate & CPA Platforms
  • Creation of your China affiliate offers including Chinese copy writing, creative display banner designs, email template development, etc.
  • China affiliate recruiting, selection & approval
  • Ongoing update of creative materials & creation of China seasonal promotions and payout specials
  • Ongoing affiliate communication, management & performance monitoring across different China CPA platforms
  • Regular ROI calculation and monitoring in one integrated report dashboard
  • China Affiliate Quality Management and online mystery shopping
  • Consulting & implementation of your own China affiliate solution, hosted on your servers

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