China UI/UX Optimization & Web Analytics

China User Interface (UI) Design and local User Experience (UX) optimization is key to maximizing your KPIs. We are specialized on Chinese usability testing and website design localization. Additionally, we support you in all your China Web Analytics needs - from selecting the right tracking system to initial setup and ongoing reporting.

China Website Usability Audit

  • China competitor profiling & benchmarking
  • Analysis of historical web analytics data: user flow analysis, site search analysis, session analysis, heatmap analysis
  • Heuristic analysis by inhouse specialists experience with Chinese website design & usability both for brand sites and e-commerce pages
  • Online focus groups & expert interviews/peer review
  • On-site user satisfaction/user experience study via pop questionnaire
  • Website speed, reliability & load time testing

China UI Design & UX Localization

  • Translation of your international brand & e-commerce websites to Chinese
  • Localization of functions such as Chinese social sharing buttons, Chinese payment & checkout functions, online chat in Chinese for customer support, etc.
  • Localization of your websites user interface design based on China online market best practices to maximise user experience and conversion rates
  • Creation of wireframes & mockups for your webdesign team or direct implementation on your China site
  • Local China hosting & Content Distribution Network (CDN) setup & management

China Web Analytics & Optimization

  • Consulting & selection of best suitable web analytics tool for your China web presence and standalone e-commerce site.
  • Initial setup & configuration of your web analytics tool: we have extensive experience with Google Analytics (GA), Google Urchin, Webtrends, Omniture, Webtrekk and may more
  • Conversion funnel & goal optimization
  • China A/B split testing & landing page optimization
  • Regular monitoring & reporting

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