China Display Banner Media Planning & Buying

How much of the Chinese audience can I reach through different media? On which media vehicles should I place ads? Which frequency should I place them with to achieve the desired result? How much budget should be spent in each channel? Let us guide you to the optimum mix for your China banner display & retargeting campaign strategy and execution! We offer China digital media planning, media buying, campaign optimization and reporting  - tailor-made to your audience & KPI's.

Define Your China Target Audience

You probably know that your offline audience can be very different from your online TA. Before we attack which Chinese digital platforms to advertise on, it's important we help you identify where your business is coming from, where the potential for increased business lies, which markets offer the greatest opportunity and where that target audience of Chinese consumers or business is.

Define Your Digital Media Objectives

Brand awareness, increased sales, one-off promotions, launch - all have different objectives and different mixes of how to be approached. We guide our clients in setting clear KPIs for each stage of the consumer journey and the paths to how we can reach and continually further their performance benchmarks in China. 

Defining A China Media Solution

Reach, frequency, time schedules work best with different media. We help you optimize the ROI of what is bought, factoring in budget, type of medium (SEM, online display, retargeting/remarketing, eDM, etc), quality of the medium (target audience, CP, etc), and how much time and space is wanted. We can also localize your creatives or design & text new ads and banners, specifically for the Chinese market.

China Banner Display Media Buying & Planning/Audience & ROI based Targeting
China Banner Display audience-based targeting DSP

By using demographic, geographic & keyword & audience-based targeting, it's possible to hone in a specific China target audience. To find the best way of reaching your audience, we test a variety of Chinese adnetworks/RON's & verticals in the given sector. When the best channels are found, ROI can be increased by maximizing the focus on specifc media. A last step is to reach out to viewers of competitor sites and abandoned visitors and  convince themby retargeting & remarketing.


We use proprietary real-time-bidding (RTB) technology and DSP for ROI-based ad serving and optimization on Alimama and Taobao Ad Exchange (TANX).

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