Daily Digital Pulse Of China: Mobile Search, Weibo Bridge


Second Most Popular App Catagory is Mobile Search

Recently, the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNCI) has released a report showing that search has now become the second most popular mobile application category, right after instant messaging. The number of users of search apps has now risen to 2.60 billion, which is 66.7% of all mobile users. Even on mobile, the search engine Baidu has a market share of 88.5%.

CNNIC:搜索成手机第二大应用 9成用户首选百度


Source: Cnet


Pay to Spread It on Weibo

A new Chinese startup company, Weibo Bridge, forwards messages to their large buildup of followers, based on certain targeting criteria. The startup claims to already have customers like Baidu, 360Buy, HP and many more.



Source: Tech in Asia


Fresh Food, not from your grocery, but from appliances?

Q2 2012, five home appliance suppliers have shifted their attention to delivering fresh food. For example, Shunfeng, Amazon and the Taobao ecological agriculture channels agri.taobao.com line are all on board. 3rd party platform Jingdong Mall officially launched a fresh food channel.



Source: Ebrun