Daily Digital Pulse Of China: CCB, Meituan, Tencent QQ


CCB's e-commerce did a good job but are not interessted in a cooperation with Taobao

China Construction Bank just entered the ecommerce industry and did a good job. But they made ​​it clear that there is no intention to cooperate with Taobao. Giant grasp of business information is their real purpose to provide innovative financial services. The Bank of Communications has already set up a flagship store in Taobao. And Taobao users can directly purchase their financial products online. Perhaps in the future banking giants will play a central role in the battle of the ecommerce industry.

建行电商善融商务 无意与淘宝等血拼


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Recharge Your Mobile Phone With Dangdang

E-commerce platform Dangdang have relaunched their website, which now includes a new feature: You can now recharge your prepaid mobile phone account directly from the website if your a customer of the mobile provider Unicum. The money is automatically withdrawn from your bank account and therefore makes this process really comfortable.



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See how your friends perceive you on Sina Weibo

Just allow the China-based startup “TaoU” to connect to your Sina Weibo account and you can see how your friends perceive you based on keywords, who your closest weibo friends are and much more. It also offers the functionality to find content based on interests. So far 220,000 people use this app.

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Meituans' single-day sales is over 20 million RMB

Group buying site Meituan announced that their single day sales are now more than 20 million RMB for the first time. Users mostly buy products and services that are close to them, since local stores account for 90%. In December last year, Meituan was the first group buying site, whose sales were over 10 million RMB.

美团单日销售额超两千万 本地服务占9成

"团购网站美团网今日对外宣布,单日销售额首次超过2000万。据悉,2012年8月10日,美团网的销售额为21,766,456元。   2011年12月16日,美团网的的销售额为10,566,756元,成为当时首家日销售额超千万的团购网站。 "

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Tencent earns $470 million just from QQ instant messaging service

Tencent has 752 million active QQ users and over 30million are paid members which pay about 10 RMB per month. They usually buy credits to pay for games or VIP memberships that allow fast track QQ rank promotions and extra discounts on the next credits. Tencent is also operating in Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and India. And another eye is set on U.S/Western markets with focus on gaming.

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Baidu On Its' Way Up With Maps

Same scenario as in search happens with maps: Google keeps losing market share, whilst Baidu is gaining. According to research firm Analysys International, Google takes up 17.5% and Baidu 17.3% of the market. The leader here is still Autonavi with 25.7%. Moreover the research company states, that mobile mapping market grew 33% from the previous quarter.

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More Chinese companies are entering the premium jewelry segment

Although Western jewellery brands dominate the Chinese market, some Chinese companies also try to establish. A well known Chinese jewellery designer is Wan Baobao. She founded her jewelry brand “Bao Bao Wan” in 2007 and has emerged as one of China’s most notable high-end jewelry designers. On August 22 she will celebrate her newest collection “And the little Ones” in Hong Kong.

Source: Jing Daily


360Buy's Q2 sales is far more than Amazon's & Dangdang's

According to Eguan's data 360Buy's Q2 sales reached 35 billion RMB, far more than those of the competitors Amazon, Dangdang, V+ from Vancl and 1haodian. In Q2 China's B2C turnover reached 578 billion, that is 58.5% of the whole B2C turnover.

京东二季度POP销量35亿 远超亚马逊当当


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Chinese Video Platform Tudou Has Made Net Losses, But May Rise Again

Tudou has published its Q2 financial report, which shows that the company had made a net loss of 154.7 million RMB. Youku, which also is a Chinese video platform, has aquired Tudou on March 12th. On August 20th the annual generel meeting of Youkous' shareholders will take place and a decision will be made, if and how the video platforms will be merged or remain as separate platforms.

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