Daily Digital Pulse Of China: Vancl, Baidu, Tmall


Vancl set up blacklist to restrict the user because of the high return rates

Fashion e-commerce store Vancl said, that they've created a list for customers with high return rates. If such a user orders from Vancl, the order will be checked manually. Appliances e-commerce store 360buy also has a list for people, who have more than one rejection per month. They will be deducted by 50 points, which they could have used to get free gifts. If they return products 3-5 times per month, their participation on promotional activites may be restricted.

凡客设黑名单限制用户 退货率高成顽疾


Source: Ebrun


Global Internet Connection Improves

According to Akamai’s “Q1 2012 State of the Internet report” the average global connection speed went up by 14% to 2.6 Mbps compared to the previous quarter. South Korea (15.7 Mbps), Japan (10.9 Mbps) and Hong Kong (9.3 Mbps) reached the podium. The rest of the top ten were European Nations with Netherlands and Latvia on place 4 and 5. Asia mega-markets of India and China still have a long way to go, although the latter is making progress.

Source: Tech in Asia


Baidu's Mobile Trends [Infographics]

One trend is a greater usage of 3G, especially amongst iOS and Adroid users. Nokia, Samsung and Apple are the three most used brand of mobile devices. The iPhone is the biggest model observed visiting Baidu with 9.6%. When it comes to OS Android is the leader with 21.4% of all Baidu’s mobile hits. The number of China Mobile users decreases while China Telecom users get more and more. See the full report at

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Wal-Mart Expanding In China

The Ministry Of Commerce in Beijing has approved Wal-Mart to acquire a major stake of a company that is in charge of Chinese e-commerce company Yihaodian. Their stake used to be 17%, but was now increased to 51%. Wal-Mart seems to be seeking more access to Chinese consumers. Yihaodian was founded 2008 in Shanghai and sells a range of goods including food, cosmetics and consumer electronics.

Source: China Digital Times


Massive Price War In China's B2C E-Commerce Sector

Yesterday, Li Guoqing, CEO of Chinese B2C e-commerce platform Dangdang said: “I don’t believe my peers still want a price fight any more. The capital has been run out, and it’s dangerous to drag the merchants into this losing game.”. Today, 360buy has declared that they will sell all home appliance products cheaper than Suning. They say: "If Suning dares to set the price of any product to RMB1.00, we will sell it for FREE". On the other side of the ring there are the e-commerce companies Suning, Gome, DangDang and 51buy. All of them promise to offer cheaper prises than 360buy. Suning takes it even further: "And if you have bought that product at the higher price, you can get refund with twice of the price".



Sources: Linkshop, TechNode


Half of China's group buy industry died

According to a report of the Chinese E-Commerce Research Center, 2,859 group buying sites have closed in the past six month. The number of sites that are still operating is about 3,200. Compared to the first half of the last year the revenue went up by 126% but most of the money is going to the top players like Meituan, 55tuan or Dianping.

全国团购网站累计关闭2859家 死亡率高达48%


Source: tech.qq


Tmall e-commerce fashion store daily trading volume reached 4.56 billion RMB

There are now more than 22 million people shopping online on Tmall. On the closing day of the Olympics, sales went up 300%, because there were still coupons in circulation, that can only be used due to that day. The trading volume rose to 4.56 billion RMB daily. The average turnover of the mother and child care category is now about 1.8 billion RMB daily. According to the following marketing plan in the next half of 2012, Tmall's transaction volume is expected to reach 2000 billion RMB. Tmalls' appliance category is expected to reach 500 billion, while clothing will account for more than 600 billion RMB in the next half year. For the year 2012 in total, it is expected that there will be about one hundred shops, which have an individual transaction volume of over one billion RMB each. Furthermore, about two thousand shops are expected to have a turnover of over ten million RMB each.



Source: tech.qq