Daily Digital Pulse Of China: E-Commerce Price War


Electrical Appliances E-Commerce Price War Just A Gimmick?

It's now the sixth day in the B2C price war of the electrical appliance suppliers 360buy, Suning & Gome. Although Baidu stats show that the traffic to 360buy has almost increased to the 13-fold since the war has started, the sales aren't really going up. A survey has shown that more than half of the users think that the price war "is not true". 360buy claims that they will soon lower the prices in all their categories. Amazon China didn't actively join the price war, but their President Wang Hanhua said that they have an automatic monitoring system for competitors and adjust their prices daily. This explains why they're currently the cheapest electrical appliance supplier in China.

Sources: Ebrun, Linkshop


Social Media Grows Further In The Mobile App Market

Recent research from Adchina shows that the reading news and instant messaging are the most popular app categories for mobile users in China. Furthermore the graph shows that social media usage has increased from 7% to 18%.

Source: Resonance China


Infographic: Situation of Group Purchasing

Meituan is the number one in the field of e-commerce group buying, with a sales figure of about 3,5 billion RMB in July 2012. Interstingly, about 90% of all group purchasing sites are about services, such as buying movie tickets and similar. Only about 10,5% of the websites are about purchasing products.

Source: i.wshang