Daily Digital Pulse Of China: Taobao, Youku Tudou, Baidu


Nearly 7-Fold Increase Of Taobao Mobile E-Commerce Turnover

Chinese company iResearch's 2012 Q2 report about the mobile e-commerce market shows, that the market size has reached 11.64 billion RMB, which is a year-on-year growth of 487.9%. The mobile version of Taobao has an increased turnover of 683% compared to the last year. So this is definitly a sign, that Taobao has managed to successfully establish them in the mobile field.

Source: Huxui


Alibaba hosts an event for footwear industry peers

Guests from across the country will meet and explore the future of footwear suppliers. In recent years the export of footwear decreased from year to year. But e-commerce has become a new hot spot for this industry, so the suppliers will have to transform their industrial chain if they want to stay ahead in this competition.

Source: i.wshang


Mei Shan Goes For Tea

Mei Shan, the former vice president of Masamasuo has quit her job by the beginning of this month. Now she confirmed to Sina Technology, that she will be the new vice president of Maimaicha.com.

Source: IT Feed


The Future Of Video Platforms Youku and Tudou

Chinese biggest video platform Youkou has bought Tudou in March this year. Now they are trying to figure out the best way to merge those platforms. Previously the owners thought, that a lot of their users use both platforms, but now they've found out, that the coincidence degree is only 14%. The company takes this as an indicator, that the platforms really focus on different topics and so a coexistence would totally make sense. In the near future, they're also trying to encourage users to upload more original content and furthermore, the company will focus on mobile.

Source: Huxui


Consequences Of The E-Commerce Price War

If you don't consider the operating costs, 360Buy has lost 20 million RMB last Wednesday, when the e-commerce price war started. 360Buy's CEO Qiangdong Liu says that the future of his company doesn't relay on retail to make money.

Source: Huxiu


China's e-commerce market is doing quite well in 2012

According to a report of the E-Commerce Research Center, China's e-commerce market transactions amounted to 3.5 trillion yuan which corresponds a year-on-year growth of 18,6%. Also the B2B e-commerce market transactions and the online retail market transactions increased to 2.95 trillion yuan and 511.9 billion yuan. The number of online shopping users reached 214 million, an increase of 23.7%. The report also pointed out that in future there will be more intense competition and a diversified development trend. Only the fittest will survive.

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Baidu Maps On iPad

Chinese search engine market leader Baidu has released it's maps application for the iPad. This is the first maps application in the Chinese industry, that is specifically designed for that map and was therefore optimized for tablet users, to offer the best user experience. Baidu's 2012 Q2 report for mobile internet trends shows, that the traffic of iPads has doubled from January to June this year.

Source: Cnet