Daily Digital Pulse Of China: Taobao, Alipay, Weibo Relaunch


Guizhou Pavilion launched on Taobao

Guizhou Pavilion offers a collection of characteristic goods of the Guizhou province like wines, trea, food or herbs. Their opening warm-up yesterday ended with a trading volume of nearly 30 million yuan. With e-commerce they want to open up new sales channels for their unique agricultural products. Taobao is very confident of the cooperation with Guizhou Pavilion.

Source: IT Feed


Alipay's Answer To O2O

Chinese e-commerce giant's mobile payment system Alipay enables you to buy products in a store, without going to the cash desk. It's possible to buy the products directly with your mobile phone and after that, you can just leave the store. So the payment process now only needs about 30 seconds.

Source: Cnet


Lenovo's smartphones sales in China are 44 times what they were in Q1 2011

According to Lenovo's latest final report smartphone offerings are doing well. The smartphone sales of Q1 this year are 44 times more compared to Q1 last year. And they reached a market share of 11.2% in Q1.

Source: Tech in Asia


Fashion Retailer Mecoxlane Teams Up With Ruijin Lin

E-Commerce provider Ruijin Lin signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Mecoxlane, so they can share their ressources. It is reported, that they will share logistics, quality control, customer service and ads photography.

Source: Ebrun


Victims wait for compensation of stolen gift cards on Dangdang

In June user informations of Dangdang have been disclosed and many gift cards were stolen. For victims it is really difficult to get compensation because Dangdang is waiting for the result of police investigation.

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China's Biggest Microblogging Site Gets A Facelift

Sina Weibo is currently in the beta phase of rolling out the fith redesign of their microblogging website. The profile page totally reminds of Facebook's Timeline and also the new feature, for sharing posts more easily with special groups of friends, reminds of Google+.

Source: Tech in Asia