Daily Digital Pulse Of China: Suning Egou Redbaby, Tencent


Last price negotiations about the acquisition of Suning Egou and Redbaby

"Nanfang Dushi Bao" reported that Suning Egou has already been in discussion for one month with Redbaby about an acquisition. Suning Egou's 3C category with its mainly male users and the female user base of Redbaby's mother-to-child products can complement each other. Suning Egou intends to enrich its product line throught the acquisition of a vertical supplier.

Sources: Linkshop, Huxiu


Chinese Internet Giant Tencent Raises $600 Million From Notes Offering

Tencent will make new stocks available to investors, that will be available on the stock exchange of Hong Kong Limited. The notes will not be accessible for the public, but only for professional investors, as defined in the Securities and Futures Ordinance. For now it isn't clear what Tencent is planning to do with the money.

Source: Tech in Asia


Mobile Service Shuame Trying To Get Their Stocks Back

Chinas biggest internet company by revenue, Tencent, and 360Search have invested in to the mobile service Shuame in the past, which takes care of speeding up your mobile phone. Now, since business is doing quite well for Shuame, they want to get their shares back. 360Search alone, has invested about 18 million RMB into the company.

Source: IT Feed