Daily Digital Pulse Of China: Luxury, Alipay, Zara Tmall


Chinese People Change Their Luxury Buying Behaviour

The 2012 China Luxury Report states, that people used to buy luxury goods in Hongkong or abroad, but their stopping that now. What they're doing instead, is buying their luxury in local stores in the Chinese mainland or online on e-commerce platforms.

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Alipay's New Cooperation

Mobile app developing company Yekmob has established a strategic cooperation with Alipay, which is the mobile payment system of China's e-commerce giant Alibaba. So maybe for future client work of Yekmob, they will offer their clients an integration with the mobile payment solution.

Source: tech.qq


Zara Renounces Tmall

On the 5th of September, Zara has opened their own standalone online store. Customers can get free shipping, if they buy products which cost more than 299RMB. What makes this shop special, is that you can buy products online but pick them up directly at your local Zata store.

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