Daily Digital Pulse Of China: Alcohol E-Commerce, WeChat


Untapped Potential In China's Alcohol E-Commerce Sector?

EnfoDesk, part of the research firm Analysis International, released a report on the B2C alcohol retailing in China. They estimate a 3.7 billion RMB in revenue for 2012. As for 2014, they think that alcohol sales will amount to 13 billion RMB. Currently, offline channels account for 99% of alcohol sales in China, offering big potential for online sales.

Source: Tech in Asia


WeChat Goes Double

CEO of Tencent, Pony Ma, announced at China's Internet Conference that China's communication app Weixin -or WeChat, as it's called internationally- now has up to 200 million users. This is a significant growth, as back in March of this year, they had only 100 million users. Furthermore Ma said, that WeChat is now open for developers to create apps that can integrate the functionality.

Source: Tech in Asia


Alibaba Is Trying To Get A Foothold With Their Mobile OS

Back in July last year, China's e-commerce giant Alibaba released their own mobile operating system. However, until now the OS is only found on two smartphones and isn't doing that well in general. But now, Wang Jian, president of Alibaba Cloud Computing, said that they are willing to invest 1 billion yuan yearly in the development of the mobile OS.

Source: Tech in Asia