Daily Digital Pulse Of China: 360Buy, Alipay, Tencent


360Buy launch holiday channel just before national day

360Buy's holiday channel http://dujia.360buy.com launched today. They provide low-cost domestic routes but also luxury international routes and their travel prices are generally 5% - 10% lower than the physical travel agencies. The travel destinations include domestic and international hot spots to provide customers with more choice. 360Buy is preparing low-cost promotional activities for flights, car rental and hotels. With the holiday channel they laid a solid foundation for rapid development of the online travel business.

Source: Linkshop


Fascinating Stats From Alipay

Xu Ji, the product engineer director at Alipay, claims that compared to the pc, the checkout process is 60 seconds faster with their mobile payment system. He says, the good thing about mobile applications is, that because of the limitation of the screen, only the most relevant information can be shown. Furthermore, he explained that while the male to female ratio was 56 to 44 last year, this has now reversed to 46 to 54. What's particularly interesting, is that Alipay data shows a common pattern, that mothers buy baby-related articles around 3am in the night. According to Xu Ji, this is because the mothers have to look after the children in the night and then they can use the time to do some shopping.

Source: Tech in Asia


Tencent's QQ online shopping cross-border purchasing formally test the water

Tencent's QQ online shopping started in the Hong Kong market with cross-border purchasing. Logistic service provider deliver goods to the nearest 7-Eleven convenience store in HK where customers can pick them up. The logistic partners are responsible for the clearance procedures. Cross-border purchasing is still a gray area, not only because of the taxes.

Source: Ebrun