Daily Digital Pulse Of China: Alibaba, Qihoo 360, Luxury


Alipay introduced new account balance security service

Today Alipay announced the new account balance security service. If money is stolen from user's accounts they can get a complete compensation as long as they used the real-name authentication and installed the security products like payment shield or dynamic password. With this strategy Alipay wants so encourage more customers to install and use the security products and strengthen the awareness of the protection of the account.

Source: tech.qq


How To Allocate Budget For Your Luxury Digital Strategy?

The latest survey from Martini Media shows how luxury brand marketers and agencies generally allocate their client's budget, for an effective online strategy. The study discloses, that more than 50% of the budget is used for digital display advertising.

Source: Resonance China


Cooperation between Shanda Literature and Qihoo 360

Shanda Literature announced a strategic cooperation with Qihoo 360. 360 Search will grant priority in the search results for literary genuine content. With this strategy they want to hamper online literature piracy violations. At the beginning of the year Sogou took the lead in genuine priority ranking in relevant search results. With a joint appeal they put pressure on the industry leader Baidu.

Source: Huxiu, Cnet


Chinese Advertisers And App Developers Portest Against Against Ad Blocker

A recent study from Gartner has shown, that free mobile apps amount to nearly 90% of all app downloads. Still, the developers of such apps need to make their money somehow, wherefore it's a common strategy to show ads. Now anti-virus company Kingsoft has released their Android app SafeApp, which takes care of removing all the ads from your apps. As the logical answer, an alliance of 19 ad firms and app developers from China have sent a letter to Kingsoft, to convince them to remove that function.

Source: Tech in Asia


2014 clothing online retail market is expected to reach 519.5 billion

Recent reports show that textile and garment products has been the largest category of the Chinese e-commerce market. The rapid development maintained in recent years. Clothing online retail transactions had a growth rate of 111.2% in 2010 and 94.7% in 2011. It is expected that the clothing online retail market will reach 519.5 billion yuan in 2014.

Source: Linkshop