Daily Digital Pulse Of China: Suning Egou, Google Music


Suning Egou will launch buy channels on September 25

Suning Egou's executive vice president announced the launch of their national buy channels. The separate product channels include food, entertainment, living, tourism etc. in total more than 30.000 kinds of goods. Suning Egou will cover more than 140 cities nationwide.

Source: Ebrun


Support For Chinese Startups From Kai-Fu Lee

Kai-Fu Lee, founding president of Google China, has reinvested $224 mio. in his Innovation Works fund. Innovation Works has invested in more than 50 entrepeneural start-ups in the last three years, with an average of $12.30 mio. per company.

Source: PEdaily


Google shuts its China music service

According to an official post from Google it has shut its China music service google.cn/music today. Users have time time until mid of October to export their music playlists but all streaming and mp3 downloads have been terminated. Google stated that the impact of the product is not great and they want to focus on other products.

Source: Tech in Asia


360 Search's new domain down in China and blacklisted on Web of Trust

Just a few hours after it was launched, 360 Search's new domain so.com is down. 360 Search posted on Weibo that the URL may not have propagated to all domain name servers yet and asked the users to wait until tomorrow. Furthermore the completely new domain is already blacklisted on WOT (Web of Trust).

Source: Tech in Asia 1, Tech in Asia 2