Daily Digital Pulse Of China: 360Buy, Suning Egou, Weibo


Consumers doubt the seriousness of 360Buy's coupon promotion

360Buy startet a coupon promotion and raise a lot of discussions. At a first glance the promotional activity looked very attractive for users, but the conditions of use are tasteless. Every coupon can only be used for a certain product category and above a specific amount. Furthermore they are quite short-lived with a validy of 3 weeks. Therefore consumers doubt the seriousness of 360Buy's promotional activity.

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Social QR-Codes For all Sina Weibo users

On the morning of September 24 Chinas biggest microblogging website Sina Weibo launched a QR-Code feature. This feature enables every user to have its own QR-Code. People who scan it will be brought to the owner's profile page, so it's a new way for having users connected with each other.

Source: Tech in Asia


Chinese government takes actions to regulate internet retail services

China's Ministry of Commerce has drafted the "Network Retailing Management Approach" which covers more than 40 guidance items for e-commerce activities in China. The regulations aim to solve disputes in online transactions and protect Internet business data. Many government units and legal experts participated in the discussion. The approach is expected to be launched at the end of 2012.

Source: China Tech News


Suning Egou reached an average daily sales volume of 300 million yuan

Suning Egou's executive vice president disclosed at the second china micro innovation summit that they reached an average daily sales volume of 300 million yuan. According to him, this results are based on the sustained e-commerce investments, category expansions and several retail innovations.

Source: Ebrun