Daily Digital Pulse Of China: Baidu Site App, Q3 Forecast

China Digital

China Mobile start providing Nano-SIM Cards for iPhone5 in Beijing

China Mobile Beijing has started an exchange service for nano-SIM cards. Users can take their former SIM cards to one of the business halls and change them for a new nano-SIM card for free. China Unicom also offers this service in Beijing but rival China Telecom has not released any information on this topic yet.

Source: China Tech News

China Digital

Get Your Responsive Website From Baidu

If you want your website to be responsive, so it adapts to mobile devices with smaller screens, but you don't have the budget to implement that functionality into your website, Baidu maybe has the solution for you: the Baidu Site App. The main featuers are auto-sync of content, improved mobile search ranking, integration with Baidu analytics and multiple templates. The service was launched on September 3rd and already has more then ten thousand registered users.

Source: China Internet Watch