Daily Digital Pulse Of China: Tencent App Store, Viss

China Digital

A New Fashion Channel To Discover People & Styles

Viss, a young startup from Hong Kong is trying the mobile photo sharing idea for clothes. After a user has taken a photo of his or her favourite dress, shirt, pants or hat, they can tag the photos with categories and also a brandname. Moreover, people can follow eachother, so they can stay up to date about the clothes a person they admire is wearing. Maybe this service will become a serious channel for fashion opinion leader marketing.

Source: Tech in Asia

China Digital

Tencent's Android Store Now Offers Incremental App Updates

Tencent App Gem, the Android app store of China's biggest online company, has recently been revamped with a new feature: From now on, if a user wants to update an app, they only have to download the bits that have changed. Up to know, users had to download the complete app, even if there were just minor updates, so from now on, the update process goes much faster and also saves data volume.

Source: 36kr