Daily Digital Pulse Of China: Taobao, Luxury, Travel

China E-Commerce

Taobao accounts for an estimated 80% of online transactions in China

Alibaba's Taobao ist China's biggest C2C e-commerce portal with an estimated 80% of online transactions in China and changed the way Chinese shop. In June 2012 Taobao boasts more than 800 million product listings and more than 500 million registered users. The site is listed by Google as the 14th most visited website in the world.

Source: Maosuit

China E-Commerce

China's first luxury online shopping industry report

According to the report released by Taobao the national luxury e-commerce market turnover is expected to be more than 20 billion yuan in 2012. Regarding to overseas purchases the United States, Japan and Hong Kong are the top 3. The total number of purchased goods from this 3 countries account for more than two-thirds of the total number of overseas purchasing goods. Most users of overseas purchasing groups can be found in Shanghai, Beijing and Hangzhou and the majority of such consumers are highly educated people.

Source: Linkshop

China E-Commerce

Growth Of China's Online Travel E-Commerce

The latest report from market research company eMarketer says that they expect China's e-commerce travel sales to hit $32.51 billion for 2012. As for 2016, they even predict a sales of $48 billion, which is a growth of nearly 50% compared to 2012's estimate. Still, they think that India will be leading in terms of growth, estimating an increase of additional 166% from 2012 to 2016.

Source: eMarketer's report