Daily Digital Pulse Of China: Android, Baidu, Luxury

China Digital

Top 20 Downloaded Android Social Apps in China

EnfoDesk published a list with the top 20 downloaded Android Social Apps in China for September 2012. Weixin is on the first place, followed by Sina Weibo and Mobile QQ2012. Their market share accounted for 58.2% among these 20 apps. The listed apps had been downloaded 445.459.260 times in total. The downloads of social apps increased steadily in September.

Source: China Internet Watch

China Digital

Baidu Focusing On LBS

As it was rumored, China's biggest search engine provider Baidu announced the establishment of a location-based services division of their company, which will be in charge of the companies local listing & map services. Shen Li, head of the LBS division stated, that Baidu has 100 million users across all its LBS, such as Shenbian for reviews of nearby listings.

Source: Techweb

China E-Commerce

Luxury Consumption In The Golden Week

The World Luxury Association released the 2012 Golden Week Chinese Overseas Consumption Report. The Golden Week is a Chinese semi-annual national holiday, which lasted from October 1st to October 7th this year. The price for luxury is the highest in the world and so many Chinese citizens who are interested in luxury, have used this week to buy luxury abroad. The report says that on a worldwide scale, luxury consumption rose to 3.85 billion euros, which is a 14% of increase year-on-year. Europe accounted for 63% of the total sales figure.

Source: Linkshop