Daily Digital Pulse Of China: DianDao, Travel, Baidu

China E-Commerce

DianDao Made Available For Android And Windows Phone Users

After launching in January this year on iOS, Chinese startup DianDao has now made apps available for Android and Windows phone, allowing people to easily navigate their way around malls and department stores. The indoor map app now covers shopping venues in 24 cities across China. 36kr reports that DianDao has now mapped out the multiple floors of over 600 malls, which is great news for keen shoppers.

Source: Tech in Asia

China E-Commerce

China To Replace U.S. As Worlds Largest Business Travel Market By 2014

According to a report by GBTA (Global Business Travel Association), Chinese business travel spending is one of the highest in the world, second only to the US. The report claims that China's business travel market will continue to grow over the next 18 months, figures show total business travel spending forecast to grow by 12.5% in 2012 to $195 billion, followed by another 14.7% in 2013. GBTA believes with the current growth rates, China will pass the US by 2014 to become the country with the highest level of business travel spend.

Source: Tech Node

China E-Commerce

Baidu Integrates Music Services, “MP3” Becomes “Music” On Front Page

Baidu decided yesterday evening to replace “MP3” with “Music” on Baidu's front page. This is not to say that everything have changed, separated products like Baidu Ting, Sui Xin Ting, Baidu MP3 and Qian Qian Jinh Ting have all been merged into what is now called Baidu Music. This makes Baidu's music branding efforts easier and able to expand its catalogue of music into one place.

Source: Tech in Asia