Daily Digital Pulse Of China: Tmall, QQ Buy, RealLifeConnect

China E-Commerce

Online Retailers Tap Into Convenience Stores For Pick-ups

Two of China's leading online shopping brands, Alibaba's Tmall and Tencent's QQ Buy, are tapping some convenience store chains to allow package pick-ups 24 hours a day. Tmall launches today, spreading across five cities: Shanghai, Beijing, Jiaxing, Hangzhou and Wuhan. They also plan to expand to Guangdong, located in the south of China, so there'll be a total of 1,300 supporting stores by next month. QQ Buy, started last month – but only in Hong Kong, but has a range of retail partnerships in Hong Kong, meaning that 1,200 stores are covered in just that one city.

Source: Tech In Asia

China Digital

RealLifeConnect Launches In China, Adds Sina Weibo Support

Austrian startup RealLifeConnect is pushing its RFID/NFC-equipped hardware cards to allow people to shout out to Weibo or post your experience when checking-in either from events, exhibitions or stores. The idea behind RealLifeConnect is that it links real-world spaces with digital networks, and now with Sina Weibo added to the line-up, the startup can now access to the Twitter-like Chinese site and its 300+ million registered users.

Source: Tech In Asia