Daily Digital Pulse Of China: iCard English, WeChat, Weibo

China Digital

iCard English: Daily Micro Lessons to Perfect Your Spoken English

iCard English founder Yuang Peng, an English learning expert – expresses how he wants to help his Sina Weibo followers on how to improve their English. A month in from its official launch – iCard English has already gathered 70,000 users. iCard English lessons requires users a spare few minutes of their day to practice their spoken English. With its sleek and futuristic-looking interface, users are able to receive daily mini lessons across different categories such as 'Phrase of the Day' or 'Modern Slang'. The app aims to hit a million users within a year, and as it’s free to download – it will certainly be a popular app for Chinese users!

Source: Tech In Asia

China Digital

Comparison of China’s Sina Weibo vs Tencent WeChat

A detailed infographic from CIC, compares Tencent WeChat and Sina Weibo. The platforms are complementary, with few overlapping functions allowing Tencent’s WeChat to enhance a current social media marketing mix dominated by Sina Weibo.

Source: Resonance China