Daily Digital Pulse Of China: Baidu, Qihoo, 360Buy, LeTV


Qihoo's 360 Search Aims for 15-20% Market Share

Back in August, Chinese company Qihoo, which is famous for it's anti-virus software, has launched their search engine 360 Search. As Tech in Asia writes, the search engine already has a market share of 10%. In an interview with Snowball Finance, founder Hongyi Zhou told reporters that they're aiming for 15-20%. Zhou said: "(...) if we can get to this market share, then the monopoly will have been destroyed".

Sources: Tech in Asia, Sina Tech

China E-Commerce

360Buy Teams Up With LeTV For Video E-Commerce

Chinese E-Commerce Platform 360Buy announced that they've got together with Chinese online video site LeTV, for trying out a new approach to video shopping. On shipingou.360buy.com people can watch TV episodes and films in which they'll find coupons which they can use to get discounts on 360Buy's products.

Source: Marbridge Consulting


Chinese Search Engines Agreed On Code of Conduct

The major Chinese search engine companies like Baidu, Qihoo, Sohu's Sogou, Tencent's Soso & more have come together to sign a code of conduct. By signing the document, the companies agreed on not using their web spiders "to carry out acts of unfair competition". Recently, Qihoo's 360 Search was accused of using Baidu's search results to give their search engine a boost, which was launched in August.

Source: The Wall Street Journal