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Sina Reveals Q3 Financials, Announces Weibo has Passed 400 Million Registered Users

Chinese web portal Sina has released its third quarter financials and revealed that its top social hit. The Twitter clone Sina Weibo, has now surpassed 400 million registered users. Chairman and CEO Charles Chao credited the summer’s biggest sporting event for the boost: “The London 2012 Olympic Games could very well be termed in China as the ‘social’ Olympics, pushing Weibo.com’s daily active users to a new record.”

Source: Tech In Asia

China E-Commerce

40% Chinese Netizens Interested in Items Shared by SNS Friends

The China Internet Network Information Center, CNNIC, reported that nearly 80% of Chinese netizens pay close attention to commercial information on social networking sites. More than 40% of netizens are interested in items shared by their friends. Almost 40% of netizens will regard friends’ comments as references to help with their own shopping decisions.