Daily Digital Pulse Of China: Chubao, Alibaba, Sina, Jingdong

China Digital

Chubao Announces new Dialer App

CooTek, the startup behind mobile input tool Chubao Input and enhanced smart dialler Chubao Dial, announced their latest version of Chubao Dial. The new version (4.5) featured a string of innovations based on a mind-set of “intelligentizing smartphone dialling experience and make the most of caller ID.” When receiving a call with an unknown number, whether it is from a cold call or your bank, you’re able to visibly see and respond to the call in an instant. Chubao Dial has over 10 million users and plans to open up branch offices in U.S next year.

Source: Tech Node

China E-Commerce

Alibaba Reportedly Buys Stake in Sina Weibo

Alibaba is investing in Sina Weibo, taking a 15%-20% stake at a valuation of USD 2-3 billion. Both companies declined to comment on it when reached out by media. The company sees more challenges from the mobile end. 72% of users ever accessed Sina Weibo through mobile, while 15%-20% of Weibo advertising revenue was from there. It is said that 50% of the traffic on its news portal came from mobile.

Source: Tech Node Source: Huxiu

China E-Commerce

Jingdong involved in digital music on-line digital music store

360buy Jingdong Mall announced their online digital music, following digital magazine, multimedia books, Jingdong Mall in the field of digital business and in a major breakthrough. Jingdong Mall has more than 60 million registered users. With Jingdong’s high and loyal users, the company are greatly optimistic about the prospects for the development of the Jingdong digital music business in the near future.

Source: Tech.QQ