Daily Digital Pulse Of China: China, Sina Weibo, Weixin

China E-Commerce

How Chinese Use The Internet: 2012 Usage Statistics

According to the latest date from the China Internet Network Information Center, instant messaging remains the most popular online activity in China with 445 million users (82.8% penetration of total Chinese netizen) popular instant message tools including Tencent-owned QQ and Taobao-owned Ali Wang Wang. Search engine usage comes in second place. Baidu is the most popular search engine accounting for 79% of the market share.

Source: The China Observer

China E-Commerce

Sina Weibo To Challenge Linkedin

China’s Twitter Clone, Sina Weibo has challenged Linkedin in China with its own version Wei Renmai (Weibo Connections). The Sina Wei Renmai launch will be bad news for LinkedIn in China, as well as for other professional networks such as Tianji, Ushi, and the startup Guanxi.me. Sina Weibo recently passed 400 million users, so all those are potential converts to Wei Renmai with just a few steps worth of additional information. Sina’s latest effort looks really promising.

Source: Tech In Asia

China Digital

First B2C Site Launched on Weixin Open Platform

Tencent’s messaging app Weixin (WeChat) monetization has just moved a bit further with the introduction of MFHui.com, a cosmetics vertical, into its Weixin Mall. By subscribing to Weixin’s public account, users can jump into MFHui’s virtual shop on Weixin platform and have access to its online shelves. For the time being, the Weixin shopping outlet only supports cash on delivery with other payment methods to be added afterwards.

Source: Tech Node