Daily Digital Pulse Of China: NetEase, iQiyi, Baidu, Xiu

China Digital

NetEase To Build Up Media Brand On Mobile

NetEase’s mobile news reader app, amassed more than 40.7 million installs since last year. With the launch of the latest 3.0 version of the app. NetEase aims to increase more users. The company realized that one distinctive feature of mobile reading is that people do not have much patience to finish up long pieces on the tiny screen of their handset, so they shortened titles, added sum-up, altered contents and illustrations to make stories on the app fit into the mobile reading scenario.

Source: Tech Node

China E-Commerce

Xiu.Com Caught Up In Counterfeiting Scandal

Chinese E-Commerce site Xiu.com recent partnership with eBay and Salvatore Ferragamo, has found itself in the midst of a scandal, by expressing their feelings on Sina Weibo and on multiple online publications customers have accused the e-tailer of selling counterfeit luxury goods. According to a report by Xinhua, in the wake of multiple accusations that the e-tailer knowingly stocked luxury fakes by brands like Gucci and Newbark.

Source: Jing Daily

China E-Commerce

iQiyi: Breaking Through With Home-made Videos

Earlier this month, Baidu acquired all stakes of iQiyi held by Providence Equity Partners, making the Chinese search giant the largest stakeholder of iQiyi with more than 90% shares. IQiyi is now highlighting on producing home-made videos. If iQiyi’s video downloading service and Baidu’s cloud storage combined together, it’s a convenience for users to download videos either to their local disk, or onto the cloud, thus synching between devices would be easy. It could also boost iQiyi’s growth.

Source: Tech Node