Daily Digital Pulse Of China: Unicom, WangJiu, Renren

China Digital

China Unicom Receives Orders For More Than 100,000 iPhone 5 Units

China Unicom announced that it received orders for more than 100,000 iPhone 5 units on its first day of pre-sales. Apple announced last week that the iPhone 5 will be available in China on December 14. During Apple’s Q4 earnings call, Tim Cook said revenue for the full fiscal year was $23.8 billion for China, an increase of $10 billion year-on-year, sales of the iPhone in Greater China (meaning China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) had climbed 38%.

Source: Tech Crunch

China E-Commerce

Are There Really Layoffs At Renren?

With newer social services like Weibo and WeChat, China’s once-popular social network Renren popularity is decreasing, rumours have already swirling about layoffs at Renren. The company has denied these rumours, but unless Renren can come up with a new change, it’s certainly possible that layoffs are in Renren’s near future.

Source: Tech In Asia

China E-Commerce

China’s Priciest Wine New E-Commerce Site Aims At $50M

The new e-commerce site WangJiu held a glitzy launch party over the weeked, CEO Li Rui stated the aim to hit RMB 300 million – nearly US $50 million – sales transactions in the first year. To put that figure in perspective, China’s online alcohol sales are expected to bubble up to $2 billion by 2014

Source: Tech In Asia

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