Daily Digital Pulse Of China: Kaifu Lee, ZTE The9, Kindle

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The power of social recommendation

The power of social media is clearly evident when an inexistent product can be communicated on Sina Weibo, very effectively. Kaifu Lee, founder of Chinese incubator ‘Innovation Works’, tried a branded frozen dessert maker in the United States. Kaifu ‘tweeted’ his experience on Sina Weibo, once he returned to China. His tweet was retweeted over 100,000 times and within a few hours, sellers on Taobao were offering to buy the machine from the US. Thousands of the machines were sold within a day.

Source: Tech Node

China Digital

Amazon Brings Kindle E-Bookstore and Apps to China

Amazon has just launched its e-bookstore and Kindle smartphone apps into China’s crowded e-book market. It has been a long time coming. However, the Kindle Store enters a very crowded market in China, with from the funky social network Douban who to huge e-commerce stores offering e-books. One such online store, Dangdang, even sells its own e-reader deviceSo the Amazon and Kindle names are guaranteed success in China will be tough.

Source: Tech In Asia

China Digital

The9 and ZTE Are To Team Up

“ZTE The9”, (ZTE and The9) The9 is one of China’s biggest gaming companies and ZTE is one of its biggest handset and telecom equipment makers will work together on a value-added services for the internet television industry. The ultimate goal is to create products that will support the web, mobile phones, and televisions. The new company’s CEO Zhao Jingyi said that the goal is to do all of that within two or three years.

Source: Tech In Asia

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