Daily Digital Pulse Of China: Ctrip, Taobao, Sina Weibo

China Digital

Sina Weibo To Tax Third-party Marketing Accounts

Sina Weibo have asked accounts, who are carrying out Weibo marketing activities without verification, to hand over 20% of their revenues. Their activities have helped advertisers get more Weibo fans, reposts and comments, post impressions, or even more return customers. The accounts in question began accepting advertising deals from the end of 2011 and have in excess of 500 thousand followers.

Source: TechNode

China E-Commerce

China Ctrip And 17u Join Taobao Trip In a Win-Win Tie-up

China OTAs (Online travel Agency) Ctrip and 17u just expanded their online companies onto Taobao Trip. The motivation for OTA to settle on Taobao Trip not only does it boosts its user coverage but also the high quality e-commerce traffic. Taobao as of now has about 470 million users and by cooperating with different travel service providers could ramp up the line-up of Taobao Trip’s offering and eventually lead to a better ecosystem.

Source: TechNode

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