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Yahoo China To Shut Its Music Website

Yahoo China announced today that it will bid farewell to its Chinese music service on January 20. A statement posted on the website in Chinese “Thank you for your continued support of Yahoo services. Due to an adjustment in our product strategy, we have decided to take Yahoo Music offline on January 20, 2013, when the service will no longer be available.” Last week, Google announced the closure of its shopping service in that country, two months after closing its Music Search in China after losing its battle with Baidu.

Source: Tech In Asia  Tech Crunch

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Chinese Spend 884 million Hours On Microblogs During Q3 2012

Analyst from iResearch believes that as the major trend globally, social networking is growing fast in China, leading the mainstream internet service. Microblog is still leading the trend of social networks, in Q3, the total online time is 884 million hours, which is significantly higher than the time spent on any other social networks, and is also higher than the time spent in Q2. 

Source: Resonance China IResearch

China E-Commerce

Chinese Online Consumers Are Keener Than Japan And America

Although China’s internet penetration is around half the level of Japan’s and the USA’s, its netizens are much keener to engage in ecommerce transactions. 42.1% of ecommerce consumers, in China, carry out transactions more than once a week, compared to 17.8% and 7.4% for the USA and Japan, respectively. Additionally, Chinese consumers are more sceptical, than the USA and Japan, about using credit cards as their primary payment method and prefer third party payment platform ‘Alipay’ and payment on delivery.

Source: China Internet Watch

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