Daily Digital Pulse Of China: China Unicom, Nokia, Samsung

China Digital

China Unicom Picks Up Another 3.2 Million 3G Users In November

China Unicom’s has gained 3.25 million new 3G subscribers in November, bringing the company’s total 3G subscriber number up to more than 73 million. The company also picked up 78,000 new 2G clients, bringing that total up to 162 million. The company also picked up 44,000 new broadband accounts and, unsurprisingly, lost more than 170,000 wired phone accounts over the course of the month.

Source: Tech In Asia

China Digital

Nokia No Longer King Of Mobile As Samsung Takes Over

According to iSuppli, 2012 will see Korean manufacturer Samsung take the lead in the mobile manufacturing race. Preliminary figures for 2012 global shipments put Samsung as the top OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), displacing Nokia which previously held that position for 14 years. Samsung is expected to account for 29 percent of the mobile market in 2012, which is up from 24 percent in the previous year. Nokia, on the other hand, drops to an expected 24 percent from 30 percent last year.

Source: Tech In Asia

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