Daily Digital Pulse Of China: 360buy, Nokia, Ku6, Youku

China Digital

Ku6: High Visitor Count But Low Revenues

Ku6 generated less than 4% of Youku’s revenues since it pivoted to a user-generated content model. Although it would appear Ku6 is disappearing from the public life, they still enjoy 250 million unique visitors per month. The reason behind their low revenue comes from shedding off brand advertising, which resulted in RMB 120 million in revenues per year. Due to the costly copyrighted content to support, through brand advertising, Ku6 have opted for a performance based ad system.

Source: Tech Node

China E-Commerce

360Buy Plans To Push $300+ Million Worth Of Nokia Phones

360Buy plans to buy over US$300million worth of Nokia phones in 2013. This will include everything from older models to their newest Nokia Lumia 920 model, which runs Windows Phone 8 (WP8). China currently accounts for 14% of the world’s WP users; however it is not clear just how much 360Buy will spend to sell its haul of Nokia phones.

Source: Tech In Asia

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