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China Ecommerce In 2013: An Outlook

Ecommerce has become a driving factor of China’s economy. According to China’s Ministry of Commerce, the gap between etailing and traditional retailing’s growth rate widened from 4.7 times (Q4 of 2010) to 5.4 times (Q3 of 2012). Chinese portal site Tencent has made some predictions about the outlook of Chinese ecommerce in 2013. The company states that mergers and acquisitions are inevitable due to etailers seeking rapid expansion, whilst logistics will improve due to challenges that were faced in 2012.

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Alibaba Rumoured To Be Gearing Up IPO in Mid-2013

The Alibaba Group could be publicly listed by the end of 2013/beginning of 2014, due to rumours suggesting the group has actually pencilled in to begin its IPO road show in mid-2013. The company is currently worth $40 billion; however, according to Forbes’ Eric Jackson, Alibaba’s dominance and growth could be enough to make the company worth over $150 billion by 2016.

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