Daily Digital Pulse Of China: Internet Regulation, 4G, MIIT

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China Tightens Internet Regulation

New rules to enhance the protection of personal information online and safeguard public interests’ have been issued by the Standing Committee of China’s National People’s Congress. Real name registration by internet users and the requirement by internet providers to remove illegal information from the internet, and report it to authorities, are reinforced by this regulation.

Source: China Digital Times

China Digital

Is 4G Finally Coming to China in 2013

An MIIT report suggests that the regulatory agency may be planning to issue its first 4G network operator permit, which will enable China Mobile to offer access to their relatively developed 4G test network to subscribers in mainland China. MIIT wanted to allow time for China’s 3G network to mature before moving towards 4G and the report signals that the Ministry may finally be satisfied with 3G growth.

Source: Tech In Asia

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