Daily Digital Pulse Of China: Sina, Weibo, Gougou, Xunlei

China Digital

Sina Weibo Breaks Record For User Activity

Sina Weibo recently announced that in the first minute of 2013, Weibo users sent 729,521 messages. The increased activity was due to a lot of New Year’s Eve variety shows on television, but also due to the growth Sina Weibo has experienced since last year’s Spring Festival. Considering Chinese New Year is much more important, it would not be surprising if this record is broken again in February.

Source: Tech In Asia

China Digital

Pirate Search Engine, Gougou, Shuts Down

The most notorious pirate content search engine has shut down just after a few weeks of being added to the U.S. Trade Representative’s (USTR) report on major copyright offenders. The web company that owned Gougou, Xunlei, is keen to become a legitimate video streaming company and this recent closure might contribute to the company finally cleaning up its act.

Source: Tech In Asia

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