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China Becomes The Largest Android Market

With almost two-thirds of handsets and one third of Android devices sold in 2012, China has become Android’s biggest market, according to Informa Telecoms and Media’s latest research. According to the research, two in every three handsets sold in China are powered by android. The fast-growing smartphone market had year on year growth of 85% in 2012.

Source: China Internet Watch

China Digital

Calculating The Digital IQ Of Luxury Brands 

The digital IQ of luxury brands is comprised of four different elements: mobile, social media, website and digital marketing. Social media and site localisation each account for 30% of the digital IQ, whilst digital marketing and mobile compatibility account for 20% each. Website localisation is important in key areas such as technology, customer service and integration of Chinese social media which requires brand presence, community size, content and engagement.

Source: Resonance China

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