Daily Digital Pulse Of China: MIIT, M&S, Game Market

China Digital

Internet Companies To Become Virtual Telecom Operators?

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has released a draft regulation that would allow internet companies like Tencent to purchase telecom services and repackage them for sale to consumers. MIIT’s proposed regulation is not yet a done deal; however regulations that make it into the public comment stage are usually implemented.

Source: Tech In Asia

China E-Commerce

M&S Expands Into China’s Ecommerce Market

Recently, British retailer Marks & Spencer launched a Chinese version of its ecommerce website as well as dedicated retail space on Tmall.com. Although M&S has been a relatively slow mover, the company plans to pick up its mainland China expansion this year and has stated to double its domestic stores in 2013. With an added online presence, M&S will be able to make up for its late entrance and tap into the rising middle class in China.

Source: Jing Daily

China Digital

China Game Market Hit $9.67bn In 2012

China’s game market churned out US$9.67bn (RMB 60.28bn) in sales last year, which is a year on year increase of 35%. The Chinese game market consists of three major genres of games: online games, mobile games and console games. Out of these, online games accounted for 94.5% (RMB 56.96bn) of the market. Mobile game and social games picked up pace growing at 90.6% and 101.6& respectively.

Source: TechNode

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