Daily Digital Pulse Of China: 360Buy, Weibo, Qihoo 360

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Fresh Produce Ecommerce In China

Fresh produce ecommerce sites have emerged in recent years due to food safety concerns and rising incomes. Companies such as 360Buy and Amazon China began offering this category of goods in 2012. Most fresh produce sites do logistics themselves because most courier services are not willing to deliver perishable goods and for this reason gross margins tend to be low.

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Sina Weibo Launched English Web Interface

Sina Weibo has rolled out a partial English-language interface which has been a long time coming. Sina fully localised a version of the Weibo iphone app in English back in 2011 so a question is why has it taken so long to catch up on the web. Some issues with translation are also evident at this moment in time; however Sina hasn’t actually announced the English interface yet so it was probably discovered before the company was ready for it to go primetime.

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China Hits 88% Broadband Coverage in Villages

2012 was a big year for mobile and broadband growth and surprisingly China boosted its broadband coverage to 88% in villages. As impressive as it sounds, ‘Villages’ is a government administrative term for ‘county’ or ‘city’. An important factor to note, however, is that coverage does not mean subscription and just because it is available in villages, does not mean anyone is paying for it. The fact of the matter is that the majority of villages cannot afford access to these kinds of services.

Source: Tech In Asia

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