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Amazon.cn Will Launch Convenient Pick-up Service In Shanghai

Amazon.cn and FamilyMart retail convenience stores announced their cooperation that includes launching nearly 100 pick-up sites, covering most areas in Shanghai. According to the vice president for the transportation and distribution division of Amazon.cn, the pick-up service will encure the timely delivery of products and it allows customers to pick up the goods on their own schedule. As for the payment methods customer can use credit cards or cash when picking up in FamilyMart convenience stores or on Amazon.cn.

Source: chinatechnews.com


What’s Next For China’s O2O Market?

Today China O2O market is considered a gold mine in the age of the mobile internet and the path to success is a two-way thoroughfare. Last year, this market reached 98,7 billion yuan  (approx. US$ 15.8 billion), and the industry analysts predict that this growth will be at its peak by 2015 when China O2O market is expected to quadruple to over 418 billion yuan (approx. US$67 billion). Having this in mind merchants need to shift their focus towards improving their service and their offline experience, rather than simply relying on the traditional obfuscation of information to maintain the bottom line.

Source: iresearchchina.com


E-commerce Takes A Big Toll

"E-tailing is only one of many drivers that will contribute to China's new model for economic growth, but it is fast becoming an area in which China could lead the world in innovation rather than relying on its historical labor cost advantage," says Richard Dobbs, director of MGI. According to a report by McKinsey Global Institute, e-tail market is already having an incremental effect on private purchasing and could raise by an extra 4 to 7 percent by 2020. Being a young and wide-open market, e-tailing allows small, innovative bussinesses to gain traction very quickly. E-tailing has the potential to create a profound 'leapfrog' effect on China's broader retail industry.

Source: usa.chinadaily.com.cn


China’s Tencent: No fees For Mobile Chatting App

One month after the announcement that telecoms opperators might put pressure on Tescent to start charging fees for the app, China’s largest online gaming and social networking company revealed that is unlikely to happen because they already pay for Internet access. A survey showed that 71 percent of 3,000 respondents opposed paying fees for using WeChat.

Source: Reuters


SINA Set To Launch WeiboPay

A recent report from Reuters revealed that SINA Corp. is set to launch its own online payment service WeiboPay this month. The online payment service, on the lines of PayPal, will allow Weibo (SINA’s microblog) users to buy items from third-party merchants off the platform. The move will bring SINA face to face against the likes of Alibaba, Tencent, Yahoo which recently partnered Walmart to enter the Chinese ecommerce market.

Source: zacks.com