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Tencent’s WeChat Has Over 40 Million Overseas Users

Tencent president Martin Lau announced that WeChat is counting more than 40 million overseas users, out of the total user-base of over 300 million. During the Boao Forum For Asia 2013, Lau explained that the mobile internet growth is encouraging the Chinese and Asian technology companies to find their place onto the global stage. Today WeChat has over 300 million users and offices across the world to grow its user-base.

Source: techinasia.com


Paid Online Music Service Still a Long Way To Go

It’s not a secret for anyone that the download payment would help to cover the cost of music products, increase investment in helping original music making and talent scouting. But when we are talking about China it is a difficult process in changing the consumers’ mentality, designing a comercialized paid model or providing a satisfactory user experience. According to iresearchinchina.com, in China, it's imperative to make breakthroughs in technical barriers such as limited cache in the near future. A paid model would encourage creation, a clearer proceeds division model among music sites, record companies, and music makers. A standardized market environment requires also powerful legal support from the government's copyrights law. Business models that combine the mobile internet, with its convenience of service, may be a huge opportunity for the music industry.

Source: iresearchchina.com


Christian Louboutin Hits Chinese Social Media

The iconic French footwear label Christian Louboutin gets into the world of Chinese social media with the launch of official Sina Weibo, Youku and Tudou accounts. This is the first step that the brand is taking as a part of a multi-stage campaign in order to build its presence in China and to combat rampant counterfeiting. During the next months the company is planning to launch a new e-commerce site, to service countries in the APAC region, a create a simplified Chinese official website and a dedicated anti-counterfeit Stop Fake” site.

Source: jingdaily.com


Chinese Computer Game Firms Adapt To Rising Mobile Market

The online gaming industry in China is struggling with a decline in sales and profits due to problems of acute competition, homogeneous products and a loss of subscribers. In order to avoid collapse, the leading Chinese online firms are preparing to launch new software for the mobile gaming sector, lured by the huge market potential. The massive shift towards mobile internet services, led by smartphone development and the accelerated commercialization of mobile phone games is a major source of enthusiasm for the PC game makers.

Source: wantchinatimes.com


Alipay Launches Sound Wave Mobile Payments System In Beijing Subway

Alipay launched a new payment system in the Beijing subway that uses sound waves to connect smartphones with ticketing machines. Initially used for smartphone-to-smartphone transactions, the Beijing Subway launch marks the first time the system has been used with a payment kiosk for consumer transactions, revealed TechCrunch citing Xinhua.The new system was launched in two stations on Line 4 of the Beijing subway and is expected to expand to the rest of the line. If the sound payment’s Beijing subway launch proves successful, the system could potentially be implemented in convenience stores, supermarkets, and department stores.

Source: TechCrunch