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Sina Weibo Teams Up With Taobao Tageting Content Stream

Sina Weibo is continuing its monetization attempt by integrating a new module into its content stream. When a Weibo user adds a post containing link to an individual product page on Taobao, this module will be inserted right bellow that post showing related product information. Other users will be able to click and find out more details on Taobao.

Source: chinainternetwatch.com


Baidu Inc. Plans to Acquire Zynga Inc.

According to iResearch, Baidu Inc announced its intent to acquire Zynga Inc., with Baidu offering to buy Zynga for $10.00 per share in cash.  Baidu’s move will enhance competition in mobile and internet gaming and its user base would be a huge boost to Zynga’s business model, considering that Baidu counts 500 million users. On the other side, Zynga who invented the entire social mobile gaming industry, really needs a win and if that comes via real people gambling real money.

Source: iresearchchina.com


No More Annoying Spam In China

Good news for the billion-plus mobile phone users in China! The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) introduced a new policy that bans telecommunication companies from texting subscribers with messages they didn’t agreed to receive or they had explicitly stated they do not want to receive. MIIT informed China’s telecom companies to upgrade their internal systems for filtering out third-part spam texts.

Source: Sina Tech 


Why Chinese Internet Companies Have An Animal Mascot?

It seems that the Chinese internet companies have a special affinity for animals when it comes to their names or their corporate mascots. In this sense the most recent example is China’s leading direct B2C e-commerce company Jingdon Mall that chose a dog as a mascot representing friendliness and loyalty. On the other corner its rival Tmall.com is represented by a cat suggesting commitment to quality and to catering to discriminating tastes. Other companies have chosen hummingbird (Xunlei), penguin (Tencent) or fox (Sohu). While some voices say that some corporate animal mascots might resemble to their companies’ founders, other explain that it’s just a cultural preference.

Source: wantchinatimes.com


Offline Vs Online, The Battle For Retail Sales

China's emerging e-commerce industry continues to challenge traditional brands for retail sales and are now expected to restructure their sales channels by encroaching into the offline — and vice versa, according to Guangzhou’s 21st Century Business Herald. Today China’s internet retail giants understand the unique value of a quality in-store experience and send their representatives to learn about the real-world retailing. On the other hand savvy retailers have begun to strengthen their e-commerce abilities to compete in the current market climate. Last year, many retailers began to evolve and beef up their websites with new products and offers in line with new consumer behaviors. The same source highlights that both online and offline retailers will need to evolve and encompass both aspects, optimizing a mix of online and offline tactics.

Source: wantchinatimes.com